Nikolaos Sliousaregko

Position: Vice-President of the Management Board


Mr. Nikolaos Sliousaregko was born 1967 in Thessaloniki where he grew up and finished his primary and secondary education. Although he received his bachelor degree from the Pedagogical Academy, he soon decided to follow the business and management sector. He began his career at “Heineken” for 14 years to be Head of Sales for Northern Greece. He later became a General Manager at “Ermis” distribution center for food and beverage in central Greece. In 2011 he moved to Serbia as General Manager of  Junior doo, a hospitality company, and General Manager of the construction company Notos development doo. Nikolaos's principal activities are focused on business management and development at the senior level. He is an expert and a highly experienced executive in the area of management, sales, hospitality and training. Nikolaos has participated in a wide range of courses and seminars that focus on sales, negotiation, communication and team building. He has also made his own training programs such as "Road to success" and "Managerial skills". He is the author of a book and the seminar «6 Steps + 6 Tools for a Perfect Service". He is a board member of HORES, business association hotel & restaurant industry of Serbia (2014-today) and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce Krusevac (2014-today). He is married to Ivana and father of 3 daughters, Anastasia Irini and Vasilia.