Category: Heavy Industry

Website: http://www.kleemannlifts.rs/?lang=sr

Email: office@kleemann.rs

Address: Golubinačka bb, Šimanovci

Phone: +381 22 409000


Fax: +381 22 409090

KLEEMANN is a Greek multinational company founded in 1983. Based on the know-how and license of KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH, nowdays operates both in the manufacturing and the trading of Complete Lift Systems field. The head office is based in Kilkis, Northern Greece, with offices and subsidiaries in 10 territories serving more than 90 countries worldwide. Kleemann ranks among the largest international companies of the lift industry, with manufacturing facilities in Greece, China and Serbia. The company contributes more than 10.500 new systems annually (2% of the world’s new lift units). In Greece, the company holds a leading position (with a 72% market share of total units installed) making Kleemann one of the best lift companies in Greece.