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Address: Prhovačka bb, Šimanovci

Phone: +381 22 2150100


Fax: +381 22 2150101

ISOMAT is a member of ISOMAT S.A., one of the most important manufacturers of building chemicals and pre-mixed mortars in the region of S.E. Europe. ISOMAT’s product range consists of more than 250 products for different construction applications, summarized within the following 6 groups of products: Waterproofing Materials, Concrete & Mortar Additives, Tile Adhesives & Grouts, Repairing Materials, Paints & Plasters, Floorings. With four affiliated companies in the markets of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, a representative’s office in Russia and a strong network of professional local distributors, ISOMAT carries out international sales to more than 35 countries worldwide.