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Address: Rankeova 16, Belgrade

Phone: +381 63 803 9369

Mobile: +381 11 455 0300


IOANNA REGEN CLINIC, is the first clinic for regenerative, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in the region. The director and owner of the clinic is prof. dr Ioanna Batsialou, a specialist in mesotherapy, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, who is also one of the most recognized specialists in non-surgical medicine in Europe.

Originally from Greece, moving to study in Belgrade, dr Ioanna received her doctorate at the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade at the age of 32 and established herself as one of the first doctors in Serbia who deals with mesotherapy and now is consideredto be the greatest expert in this field in the region. With over 70 different certificates and diplomas from prestigious schools and universities in the world, dr Ioanna is an accredited trainer at numerous congresses. She is also a respected member of the World Association of Anti-Aging Medicine - World Society of Interdisciplinary of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM) in the region.

Under the auspices of the IOANNA REGENERATE, dr Ioanna gathered a team of top experts from Serbia and abroad - specialists in cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, laser therapy, diet therapy, cosmetology and acupuncture, with the aim of a unique and revolutionary approach to health care. The clinic offers unique and comprehensive procedures of the highest world standards in medical practice with an individual approach to each patient. Disease prevention while slowing down the process of biological aging of the organism is the focus of therapy that ensures a better quality of life and prevents serious diseases.

IOANNA REGEN Clinic is the only institution in the region that provides a unique holistic approach in the field of regenerative, aesthetic and anti-aging non-operative medicine for ideal health but also perfect appearance.