Category: Food and Beverage



Address: Oskara Daviča 42, Beograde - Zemun


Mobile: +381 62 8377 482


Our portfolio includes products from the most renowned manufacturers in their categories, which confirm the quality of Hrana Mediterana. 

  • DODONI, a producer of Greek dairy specialties, created on the slopes of Epirus with a touch of sea and mountain climate
  • KORONIS extra virgin olive oil, from the "koroneiki" olive variety from Kalamata 
  • ELEONES extra virgin olive oil, from a special type of "hondroelia" olive from Halkidiki
  • HALKIDIKI green and calamon olives are unexcelled and recognizable around the world
  • PITENIS traditional Greek salads, such as melitzanosalata, agioritiki, thyrocafters, htipiti and hummus, as well as PITENIS dried tomatoes

Within the health promotion we insist on, are products such as:

  • SITHON honey from Sithonia and Thassos, in variants of pine and wild mountain flowers
  • ALFEIOS RODI 100% natural squeezed pomegranate juice