CORAL SRB – Official Shell Licencsee

Category: Wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products



Address: Jurija Gagarina 40b, New Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 6555219



Apart from the prevailing activity, the Company has been established to carry out energy activities set out in the Law on Energy, and primarily the following energy activities:

  • Trade in oil, oil derivatives, biofuels and compressed natural gas;

  • Trade in motor fuels and other fuels on supply stations for the vehicles;

  • Trade in fuels outside supply stations for the vehicles;

  • Filling of containers for liquid petroleum gas, compressed and liquefied natural gas;

  • trade in fuels for vessels;

  • production of oil products;

  • transportation of oil products by oil products pipelines;

  • transportation of oil, oil products and biofuels by other means of transport;

  • Storage of oil, oil derivatives and biofuels;

  • Other energy activities, upon decision of the Founder