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Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10a, Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 3017750


Fax: +381 11 3017751

ALFA FOODS is a family company which was founded in the middle of 50’s of the last century by Atanasios Kukutaris in the vivid city of Kozani, in the heart of Macedonia. Its business was based on the production and sale of home-made pies.

Today Alfa possesses chemical and microbiological laboratories, equipped with state-of-the art technological devices for testing both raw materials and production samples. The combination of fresh ingredients, newest technology and highly trained employees – guarantees quality and safety of Alfa’s products, and at the same time it should take the credit for all international certificates, such as ISO and HACCP.

Alfa managed to establish a strong distribution channel, with the support of its four branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Ioannina, which cover 12,000 sale points all around Greece, as well as to achieve increased export to more than 35 countries of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. In Romania and Serbia, Alfa has its distribution companies for all products, with which it meets market demands. It runs its business in three areas - in retail with 123 different products, in serving food activity with 166 different products. The presence of company at the international market is strengthened by fairs. Every year Alfa takes part in fairs Anuga and PLMA and wins awards for products and packaging.

Having in mind that Alfa was the first one to introduce traditional Greek crusts for puff-pastry into mass production, first one to name them based on their origin, first one to come up with paper molds for baking, Alfa’s innovations have inspired everybody to adopt  a new way of doing business, when it comes to pies and pastry products.