Category: Medical Services



Address: Brankova 22, Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 4055265



Access To Genome - ATG -a Greek medical company established in 2014- is a laboratory network of genetics and specialized laboratory medicine that operates with very high quality, reliability specifications and international certifications. Utilizing and integrating the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of diagnostic medicine, combined with well-trained and experienced scientific staff and state of the art- biomedical equipment, guarantees maximum reliability in all of its services.
ATG has a leading position in the scientific field of medical genetics in Greece and collaborates with many healthcare providers, hospitals, medical centers, private practitioners and universities.
In May 2020 the company established a new genetic center in Belgrade working under the same high quality scientific standards.
In ATG we were very happy to welcome our Serbian colleagues to join our team of more than 50 people working in our labs as scientific personnel and more than 60 working in administrative and other supporting departments, contributing to the continuous improvement of medical genetic services available to Serbian people.

• Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
• Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
• Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening
• Genetic Testing of Infertility and Recurrent Abortions
• Postnatal Genetic Diagnosis of Diseases and Syndromes
• Cancer Genetics
• Molecular Detection of Pathogens
• Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling