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The Aleksic and Associates Joint Law Office, Novi Sad is one of the leading law firms in Serbia which provides full legal service and offers clients a progressive, innovative, approach and unique business strategy. The main goal is to support clients in the realization of their goals through the most effective means possible.

Presently, the law office employs over 156 attorneys, associates, advisors and support staff who are actively engaged in client matters, including two Doctors of Legal Science. This law office represents and effectively protects, national and international clients interests in area of corporate law, banking, business, civil, constitutional, administrative, international and criminal law.

Experience and the results that are achieved are reflected through the success of our clients – banks and other financial institutions, public and private institutions, national and multinational companies.

Our Team:
- dr Nemanja Aleksić, Attorney
- Sonja Savin, Attorney
- prof . PhD Vladimir Kozar, Special advisor
- Ivana Maraš, Attorney
- Ajša Stojković, Attorney
- Ivan Gavrilović, Attorney
- Jovanka Vlajković, Attorney
- Malina Vesić, Attorney
- Mirčea Caran, Attorney
- Mirjana Ilić, Attorney
- Nina Stanisavljević, Attorney
- Romana Pejić, Attorney
- Zravko Josić, Attorney
- Sanja Knežević, Attorney

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